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While some of us are happy taking selfies and putting a heavy filter on, we wouldn’t go so far as to call ourselves professional photographers. However, there are some of us who actually make a living taking photos and don’t use filters. Rather, they swear by a ring light when it comes to taking amazing shots.

Whether you are a budding photographer or work from your own studio, a ring or halo light is an essential piece of photo studio flash lighting equipment that you should invest in. Ideal for all types of shoots, from a portrait of a spider (known as macro photography) to a music video, there are many benefits to using a ring light in your studio.

What is a ring light used for?

A halo light is a round-shaped flash unit that mounts around the lens of a camera. Using the conventional flash can create obscuring shadows, and a halo light creates an almost-shadowless diffused light.

One of the most common uses of a ring light in photography is to draw attention to the subject’s eyes by lighting a specular highlight in them. They also provide uniform light that is sourced directly from the camera’s point of view, and it helps to eliminate shadows.

What is a ring light not used for?

Taking a photo of particularly shiny objects may cause too much reflection, so a ring flash may not be ideal unless the flash has separate bulbs that can be turned off. While a ring light is suited for portraits, it does not work well with large groups as the flash isn’t strong enough to light multiple subjects from a distance.

Should I buy a ring light?

If you are doing a lot of macro photography or taking close-up portraits, then a ring flash can be a good investment for you. Shop online on eBay today for new and second-hand photo studio lighting.

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