German style and quality can be found in the contemporary styling of Camp David! 

The Camp David providence stretches back to 1969, initially as an embroidery company in Germany. The Camp David brand did not come into its own until 1993 when the founder's sons branched out into fleece, t-shirts and caps that were embellished with custom artwork. Initially primarily sold to Resort establishments and the licensed College Bookstore market, Camp David was soon sort-after for its quality and designs. 

Nowadays, Camp David has built a reputation for innovative graphic designs that utilise multi-process finishes often combining embroidery and screen print to showcase a contemporary look and style. 

Whilst Camp David focuses on leisurewear, they also sell suits, accessories, and shoes, many of which you can find on eBay. To complement the Camp David brand, they also produced a female range of t-shirts, pullovers, caps, jeans and more under the brand name Soccx. 

Interestingly, all the Camp David brands, including the parent company, are related back to the Whitehouse. The parent company Clinton was named after Bill Clinton, while Camp David was chosen after the country retreat for the President. Soccx references Bill Clinton's pet cat Socks and their other brand Chelsea references Clinton's daughter Chelsea Clinton. 

The Camp David collection, which you can find on eBay, includes contempory casual shirts and also an impressive range of Camp David jeans. 

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