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Camping & Hiking LED Flashlights

A bright LED torch can be a handy tool for camping, diving, security or for home use. Before you start shopping for a new light on eBay, there are few factors to consider to make sure youre getting the perfect LED flashlight for your needs.


Lumens are very helpful when buying LED torches online. The number of lumens represents the light output and will tell you how bright the torch is. The higher the lumens, the brighter the LED torch.

If the LED flashlight is below 150 lumens, it is household grade and will be suitable for home use. Torches between 150 and 500 lumens are more suited to outdoor recreational activities such as camping, hiking, diving and rock climbing. If the torch is 500 lumens and over, its designed for security and special services.

Battery Life

Its important to know how long the battery will last before the light output is affected. It is especially important if you are using the torch for outdoor activities like camping. While LED torches are known to have a longer battery life than regular torches, battery life will depend on the type of battery and how powerful the LED flashlight is.

Disposable or Rechargeable?

Disposable batteries are cheap and easy to source however you will need to replace them each time your device loses power. These batteries are a good option for occasional use or home use.

LED torches that include rechargeable batteries may cost more initially but can save you money over time. These batteries are usually higher quality, have a longer run time and are a good option for frequent users.

Other features

Some LED torches are protected against impact and are made to be water resistant. You mght want to consider LED head torches for outdoor activities as they keep your hands free while still providing powerful light.

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