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Camping and Hiking Lamps and Torches

One of the most important things to keep in mind when camping or hiking is safety. A big factor in staying safe in the outdoors is what camping and hiking equipment you have with you. Away from civilisation and artificial light, camping and hiking lamps and torches are invaluable, stopping you from getting hurt or lost in the dark of the wilderness.

Tried and true, the generic flashlight still does the job as a reliable camping torch. For those looking for a little more out of their flashlight, there are plenty of new advancements that can really increase their utility. From specific light colours to models that feature zoomable and adjustable modes, flashlights range from the basic to the high-tech.

A more modern approach to lighting the way while hiking are camping and hiking head torches. By freeing your hands from carrying a torch, head torches allow you to move more freely in low light. Advanced models can feature multiple LED lights which can also be rotated, either to be targeted or cover more area.

While a little less mobile, camping and hiking lanterns are a great way to illuminate a wider area. Typically, lanterns are designed to be easily hung and are perfect for a camp, lighting the way around and between tents. Certain brands of lantern are also built to be collapsible, making them easier to pack for your camping trip. Modern lanterns either operate with LED lights or with gas.

For each of the different camping and hiking lamps and torches, there are various different accessories that allow you to make the most of your equipment. Clips and covers allow you to secure your torches and carry them on you, while mounts let you afix lamps and torches in place. Naturally, there are also the chargers and batteries required to keep your equipment operational.