Camping Stoves

Seasoned backpackers often invest in camping ovens and stoves both for thrift and preparedness. For mountaineers and inland adventurers, there really is a need to cook food at least midway into a climb or trek. Sometimes, there is no means to build a fire, or worse, it's too dry out to safely build one without the risk of doing extensive damage.

Canister Stove

Purchasing a canister stove minimises camping cooking supplies you need to carry with you. Grab basic cookware and this screw-top stove attaches to a fuel canister. A canister stove is lightweight, compact, simple and flexible. MSR Superfly is one example; the multi-mount feature makes it compatible with most fuel canisters. Easy controls allow for precise adjustments on the flame.

Liquid Fuel Stove

You can also opt for a liquid fuel stove and keep the lightweight, compact features you desire, also while ensuring the availability of your cooking fuel. This type allows you to use a variety of liquid fuels, even the petrol you use for your car. Products sell more expensively when comparing to canister stoves. You might choose a kit like the Primus P737370, which gives you a complete set, with a fuel bottle, pump and multi-tool.

Camping Grills

Aussies love their barbecues and camping BBQs and grills definitely complete the ultimate camping experience. There’s nothing like the pleasure of smelling the tastiness of roasted BBQ in the wild. In choosing which to buy, consider portability but ensure durability. You’d want a good build that will last at least a year. You may buy a collapsible open grill or get one with a hood if you are picky about how you roast your meat.

Butane Stove

Butane stoves are easy finds. They're quite cheap. Stocks are mostly single burners, but some two-burner models are available. Butane fuel cartridges are separate purchases. Outdoor newbies often get this as cooking equipment initially. However, long-time travelers just keep this for backup only used for emergencies or simple heating tasks. Butane stoves often take longer to heat than other models, so plan your choices carefully. The NSW office of Fair Trading actually banned butane stoves way back for safety issues, but companies have started improving their product lines for safety compliance. Know the models you are choosing, and camp safely.