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Canon Fisheye Camera Lenses

Canon Fisheye Camera Lenses

Fisheye camera lenses allow photographers to take circular images which mimics a fish eye view. They were actually originally called "whole-sky lenses", a reference to how they were used to study sky and cloud formations for meteorological purposes. Using fisheye lenses is a great way to boost your photographic creativity and experiment with new techniques. Luckily, you dont need to be a master photographer to use fisheye camera lenses as there are plenty of competitively priced and easy to use Canon options sold online.

What are the Advantages of Buying Camera Lenses from Canon?

There are many advantages to buying Canon lenses. First entering the Australian market in the early 1960s, Canon have been making groundbreaking strides with their photographic equipment (as well as their printing equipment) ever since. So, when you buy camera lenses made by Canon, you can feel confident that their products feature expert craftsmanship, fine tuned over many decades.

What Other Types of Canon Camera Lenses are Available Online?

There are a variety of other lenses for Canon cameras sold online. When browsing for Canon camera lenses, for example, you might like to consider a Canon wide angle lens or a Canon macro lens. Other options you might like to check out include: zoom lenses and image stabilisation lenses. Shopping online makes it easy to select Canon camera lenses that are perfect for your specific camera as you can double check specifications before making your final purchase.

What are Some Tips for Taking Photos with a Fisheye Camera Lens?

Here are just a few tips to help you to take fun and creative photographs with your new fisheye lens:

  • Play with Distortion: When shooting with your fisheye lens keep in mind that the further you move an object to the frames edge, the more distorted it will be in the final image. You can play with this feature for creativity.

Capture a Super Wide Angle: If your landscape doesnt feature straight lines, you can often position the lens so the image will appear as if taken by a wide angle lens, with no distortion. Just ensure you position the horizon near the middle of the frame to avoid unwanted blurriness.