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Captain Morgan is one of the most famous alcoholic drinks in the world. With a distinctive taste and an excellent mascot, it's no wonder this spirit has been ingested by men and women around the globe for years. While probably most famous for its delicious spiced rum that packs plenty of flavour into each sip, the company has branched out and created a delightful array of different variations for when you're looking to expand your palette a bit. 

With so many types of tipples, you won't have to walk the plank or give up your secret treasure to get your hands on a fun new drink. In addition to the classic Captain Morgan spiced rum, you can discover new favourites such as Black, Dark, Watermelon Splash and Cannonball. We've also got plenty of Captain Morgan hats, glasses, bar mats and more so you can outfit your hang-out space with all the accessories and decoration required to make salty sea dogs and landlubbers alike feel at ease. 

With dozens of delicious Captain Morgan rums for sale online as well as a huge range of other spirits and liquor from which to choose, you won't be short of choice when looking for something that goes great in your barware neat or on the rocks or paired with your favourite mixer. Check out eBay's stock of awesome drinks today, and always remember to drink responsibly!