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Car Mounts and Holders for Samsung Phones

Car Mounts are now an essential in most vehicles, with people relying on their smartphones not just for communication, but also for GPS navigation. It is important to have a car mount or holder that is reliable and sturdy. Your type of vehicle and model of phone can have an impact on what type of holder works best for you. Preference also has an effect on the type of car mount or holder customers select, as some are more convenient, attractive, or inconspicuous. Since Samsung mobile phones come in a variety of sizes, it is important to make sure the car mount or holder fits the dimensions of the phone.


Magnetic car mounts have become popular in recent years. The basic concept is that there is a magnet attached somewhere on the car's dashboard and another magnet attached to the backside of the mobile phone. The magnet is strong enough that the phone remains in place during any turbulence, but is not so strong that the user is unable to take the phone off the mount. One downside to this type of mount is that the magnet must be attached to the mobile phone case, and that would obscure any case design or interfere with a moblie phone ring stand or holder already attached to the back of the phone.

Air Vent

Air vent mounts clip onto the vents in a phone. Users can clip the mount to the vents in the middle of the console, or between the door and the wheel, depending on what is more comfortable. Many people like these because they save space. They go directly over the vent, so customers should be aware that the phone may get hot or cold, depending on the temperature of the car and that can affect the phone's performance. Air vent clips may not be a good option for people with larger or heavier mobile phones, as those may need a holder that can bear more weight.


Dashboard mounts and holders are the most common type of mobile phone holders. They fit a variety of Samsung phones, but you should take care to check that the dimensions are compatible. Bulky cases may also have an effect on the fit of dashboard holders. The location, on the dashboard of the vehicle, can be a plus for many customers, as it is usually eye-level with most drivers. However, it can obstruct one's view of the windshield. Dashboard mounts also do not cover up controls or vents, as air vent and compact disc mounts do. Mounts are adhered using a variety of methods, including suction cups and heavy-duty stickers.


Windshield cellular mounts use a suction cup to stick onto the windshield of the car. They can go anywhere, making them ideal in the upper windshield area for many drivers, as it is not obstructing the road, and you can easily glance at them without looking down. There is always the chance that the suction could falter at an inopportune time, so having a high quality suction is key. These may also work better with smaller and lighter Samsung phones.

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