Car Power Inverters

Car Power Inverters

When youre on the go, a power inverter can harness the power of your cars battery to juice up other devices. These power converters can be quite handy if you need to use a laptop computer or even a gaming console in your vehicle. There are a few different types of DC-to-AC inverters as well as different inverter features to consider when you purchase one of these convenient devices.

What Are Some Types of Inverters?

Youll want to consider a few different power inverter types before you make your selection. These include a modified sine-wave inverter, a pure sine inverter and a square-wave inverter. These are essentially categorised by output, with a square-wave inverter being a DC-to-AC model that uses square waves instead of basic sine waves to produce output. A sine-wave inverter is a bit more complicated, but a pure sine wave adapter is the most complex type of inverter.

What Features Do Inverters Have?

Not all power inverters are the same, and you can choose how you want to run your power inverter by selecting a USB charger or one that goes into your cigarette-lighter adapter. Select the amount of voltage you require for input as well as output and one with features that include overheating protection and an on/off switch to conserve energy when youre not using the inverter.