Got one to sell?

Got one to sell?

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If you're looking to replace your VE SS exhaust for your VE commodore, you're definitely in the right place. eBay has a huge range of car and truck exhaust pipes and tips in varying sizes, allowing you to replace the whole system or a specific part.

The exhaust system is integral to the performance of Holden Commodore cars, and any damage to the system could result in poor performance, higher fuel costs and even health risks for you. Here are a few markers to look out for that could indicate it's time to replace or repair your existing exhaust system.


One of the first signs that something's wrong with your exhaust is often an increase or difference in the noise it makes. When working properly, your exhaust system not only deals with fumes, but muffles noise, so if it's sounding louder than normal, chances are something is wrong. The muffler of the exhaust is set furthest from the heat of the engine, which means liquid can gather and cool here, leading to acidic corrosion. Alternatively, if you can hear banging, chugging or hissing, there may be parts loose inside the exhaust system, or it may have a leak.

Decreased Fuel Efficiency

If you're burning through far more fuel than normal, it could mean you have a leak in your exhaust system. With a leak in the system, fumes aren't carried away properly, so the engine will run hotter than normal. This will cause the car to burn through fuel faster than usual, so you'll notice more frequent trips to the petrol station.

Vibrations and Smells

If your car is shaking or shuddering, or if you notice a strange smell when driving, be sure you check your exhaust. Smells in particular can be important to check out, as fumes from a damaged exhaust may be harmful to you and your passengers. Think you have a problem with your exhaust? Time to check out the options on eBay! Whether you're upgrading, replacing or repairing your exhaust, take a look at the great deals available on eBay today!

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