Car & Truck Decals, Badges & Detailing

Personalise and Liven Up Your Cars Appearance

Buying a car is more than just a convenient investment - for many, their car is a source of pride and beauty. To keep your car looking its best and to express some individual style, you can’t miss decals, badges and detailing for trucks and cars.

Decorating with Decals and Stickers

Whether for personal use or for business branding, car and truck decals and stickers are eye-catching and make vehicles stand out from the others. They can be placed on the body of the car or on the windows, as long as they don’t obstruct the driver’s vision. An entire art industry is dedicated to designing decals and stickers, and innumerable pre-designed options.

Choosing or Replacing an Emblem

If you’re proud of your car’s make (or perhaps if over time it has lost its original badge), a snazzy emblem announces to the world the car you drive. Additionally, some manufacturers have changed their emblem badge over time. In some cases there have been multiple changes made. Naturally, it is important to locate not only the right make, but also the year and model, thus ensuring a true match.

Sprucing Up Your Car for Decaling

The first step in detailing your car is to wash it well using a suitable car wash formula. High quality car care cleaning products will make cleaning easy and more effective. Next, scratch remover or scratch kits help to buff out those minor scratches in the paintwork, which protects your car and improves its appearance. A wax finish adds unbeatable shine to your car, as well as giving it some extra protection against damage to the paintwork. Other products you might want to consider are tire glazes, interior cleaners and glass cleaners.

Finding the Right Auto Detailing Tools

While the Decals or other decoration you choose for your car are important, your tools are just as worthy of careful consideration. Some examples of tools include towels, applicators, brushes, drying towels, buffers and polishers. Choosing good quality products will make your job easier and achieve better results the first time around.