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Car & Truck Detailing Supplies

Car and Truck Detailing Supplies

A shopping cart that runs into your vehicle or a dog that jumps up on the door can scratch the paint or dent the body. Instead of paying a professional to make repairs, check out the inventory of car and truck detailing supplies to find solutions for common mishaps. Additionally, once you make the repairs, consider the large inventory vehicle decals, badges and detailing products to refresh the look of your vehicle.

Car Scratch Pens

For minor damage, use scratch repair pens that contain a clear coat resin to fill in the nick. Once you apply the solution and let it dry, buff out any noticeable edges. The clear coat substance is non-toxic, waterproof and odourless, and the pen should come with several applicators. Additionally, manufacturers are quick to point out that the product only works when the scratch hasnt penetrated the vehicles surface beyond the clear coat layer.

Car Scratch Removers

There are additional car scratch removers designed to remove scratches along with blemishes, such as swirl marks, water drops and the acidic residue from bird droppings. Formulated as an ultra-fine compound, these products fill in the scratch and may include a polishing agent to buff out the paints finish to a glistening shine. Moreover, they are available in scratch and scuff removal kits so youll have everything on hand to make the repair.

Dent Repair Tools

A dent in your vehicle can make you want to scream for help. Use a dent repair tool to fix damage done by other car doors, carts and hail. With a little practice and reading the instructions, youll learn how to use the flexible tool to pop out the dent by applying steady pressure. Moreover, you can use these puller tools to remove dents from motorcycles, refrigerators and washing machines.

Vehicle Decals and Badges

If a badge displaying the brand of your vehicle falls off, there are replacement badges available to fit the back, bonnet or side skirt. Additionally, you can purchase custom text stickers to display on windows, or brandish your vehicles logo in a prominent position.

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