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Choosing Driving Lights

For everyday driving on everyday roads, manufacturer-installed headlights should be more than up to the task of lighting a driver’s way. However for bush driving and 4WDriving, manufacturer-installed headlights tend to be insufficient, so after-market auxiliary lights are often needed. There are various options available to drivers who want to add after-market lights to their car or truck, with most drivers opting for halogen, HID (high intensity discharge), or LED driving lights to provide the light they need while driving.

With a halogen bulb, electricity passes through a thin filament causing it to glow. The higher the temperature, the brighter the bulb. However, halogen bulbs are not known for their longevity – or their efficiency (halogens are only 5% efficient, with 95% of the electrical input being shed as heat). Filament degradation, vibration and extreme heat all contribute to the shortening of bulb life. HID lights are a common alternative to halogen driving lights, offering a long-distance beam, excellent efficiency and incredibly bright light. While they may not offer the long-distance illumination of HIDs, LED driving lights provide great mid-distance lighting and are virtually maintenance free.

Buying LED Driving Lights

When fitting after-market driving lights to a car or truck, it’s best to check the state or territory’s regulations on the matter. Some regulations state that auxiliary lights should not project beyond the front profile of the vehicle or ‘roo bar, to avoid harm to a pedestrian in the event of a collision. Before buying, check the light’s dimensions, ensuring it adheres to state regulations. As for functionality, it can be a good idea to check online reviews to find the light that offers the best illumination, with long-lasting efficiency. Then it’s simply a matter of finding the best light at the best price. Home to everything from driving lights to windshield wipers, eBay is the place to go for after-market car essentials. Check out the options today!

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