Got one to sell?

Got one to sell?

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Staying on the road has as much to do with your car itself as it does with your driving ability. High quality car and truck suspension and steering parts can help keep you in control and get you from Point A to Point B safely. eBay has tens of thousands of different suspension and steering products, including but not limited to shocks and struts, coil springs and power steering pumps, that can go a long way in making your drive safer.

What are vehicle dynamics?

Vehicle dynamics is a study of the different variables or forces that help tyres remain in contact with the road while you’re driving. The concept of vehicle dynamics is commonly referred to as handling. There are three main things to consider when discussing vehicle dynamics. The first is road isolation. This means isolating, or separating, the bumpiness of a road from the passengers. The second is road holding. Road holding is the part of vehicle dynamics that is specifically concerned with keeping your tyres on the ground by managing the transfer of weight in the vehicle in a variety of circumstances, including braking and acceleration. Finally, cornering is a car or truck’s ability to stay as centred as possible while turning corners. These three concepts are what drive the creation of suspension systems in vehicles.

What is a chassis?

The chassis of a vehicle connects the tyres and wheels to the body of a car or truck. One rough way to think about it is as a rectangular frame that sits underneath the floor of the car. Near each corner of this rectangle is one of the tyres. The chassis consists of several other key components besides the frame itself. The suspension system helps with road isolation and features different shock absorbers and dampeners. Then there is a steering system with steering racks and gear boxes that helps you maintain control of the vehicle and direct it. Finally, the wheels and tyres complete the chassis. The vehicle dynamics of your car or truck help keep you safe at varying speeds on different types of road. Shop on eBay today for the car and truck suspension and steering parts you need to ensure a smooth journey time after time.    

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