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Car & Truck Tyre Changer Accessories

Tyre Changer Accessories

Tyre changers are useful car tyre accessories that make removing and installing tyres much easier. Available in models designed for motorcycle, car or truck tyres, they are usually classified based on the size of the wheels and tyres they can accommodate. While tyre changers are equipped with the components needed to remove and install tyres, there are a number of accessories that technicians need to make the job easier, safer and neater.

Hand Tools and Safety Accessories

Tyre changers use pneumatic pressure and electricity to operate and their components move and operate under high pressure. Therefore, it is important to operate them with safety gloves on. In addition, wheels must be prepared before the tyre changer can do its job. Tyre weights must be removed with weight removing tools, and a valve core remover is needed to remove valve cores and release air pressure. Moreover, tyre levers are useful when the wheel is on the table to help get the tyre off the wheel. Lastly, tyre repair kits are useful to repair tyres before mounting them again.

Protective Accessories

Parts of the tyre changer must come in contact with the wheel in order for it to operate. Shielding the wheel by using protectors on these metal parts can protect the wheel from damage. These include rim clamp protectors and plastic inserts under the mount/demount head. When it is time to put the new or repaired tyre back on, a lubricant applied with a brush or swab can help protect the tyre bead from damage.

Optional Accessories

Some tyre changer manufacturers offer some parts of a tyre changer as optional accessories that increase its capabilities. For example, a pneumatic bead assist may be sold as a separate accessory. Other similar accessories include wheel lifts and tyre adapters.

Air Pressure System Accessories

Many tyre changers are equipped with air pressure systems to inflate tyres once they are back on wheels. While they do come fitted with tyre pressure gauges and hoses, these parts may need to be replaced at some point and can be purchased separately.