Tyres are one of the most important aspects of your car, they are responsible for gripping and manoeuvring on the road safely and effectively. A part of routine maintenance is checking for wear and tear as well as tyre pressure using a tyre pressure monitor.

There are a number of tyre inflator tools and air compressors, however it is important to monitor your tyre pressure closely. Tyre pressure monitoring systems come in a range of configurations with high end monitors being rechargeable and wireless, to the lower end of the spectrum where monitors can be powered through the cigarette lighter.

How it works

A tyre pressure monitoring system includes four sensors and a screen to be placed within the cabin of your car or truck. Some higher end tyre pressure monitors have alarm systems that can be programmed to go off when the tyre pressure monitor detects that the tyres are overheating or are below the optimal pressure, others simply display the tyre pressure of each tyre.

Ongoing maintenance

Each car and truck have different optimal tyre pressures, as a part of the ongoing process of maintaining your vehicle using a tyre pressure monitor to ensure that your tyres are sitting on the manufacturers recommended tyre pressure.

Maintaining the tyre pressure on your car using a tyre pressure monitoring system can lengthen the life of your tyres, ensuring that they don't wear unevenly from not being inflated properly - even if your tyre are 20% below the recommended inflation levels they can wear up to 30% faster, the simple act of installing a tyre pressure monitor could save you hundreds of dollars over the lifetime of your car. By closely monitoring your tyre pressure, you will also save on fuel, increasing the fuel economy of your car, reduce road noise and reduce the need for wheel alignments - all just by installing a tyre pressure monitoring system.