20-iinch Wheels

Along with a shiny car, people notice your vehicle's wheels that either warrant a second look or come off as ordinary. If your 20-inch wheels look a little boring or you simply want to switch them out to new ones, check out the various types and materials available. Likewise, you may own other vehicles that require a different wheel size or you may decide to run oversize wheels on your vehicle.

Other Wheel Sizes

One of the most used wheel sizes, 17-inch wheels fit a wide range of vehicles, such as the Holden Commodore or a Jeep Wrangler. Available in rim widths ranging from 6.5J to 9J, they fit tyres from 185 to 235 mm wide. Some drivers plus size their wheels to a larger size like 22-inch wheels in combination with a low profile tyre and sidewall that helps you make turns quicker. Plus, your car looks like it has more wheel than tyre.


When shopping for 20-inch wheels, review the inventory of Baroque wheels that were a newcomer to the market in the 1970s. The classic, lightweight alloy wheels fit Fords, Mazdas and other makes of vehicles. Likewise, a concave depth wheel with curving spokes creates a trendy look that fits fatter tyres and has a negative offset hub mounting surface that draws attention to the deep spokes. To make your car look like it belongs on a race track, outfit it with a set of racing wheels, whether you own a muscle car or not.


You may prefer a chrome wheel because it's the least likely to develop rust and the shine stops people in their tracks. These durable wheels are also available in matte and black finishes. Because cast aluminium wheels are made by pouring the metal into a mould, they can withstand extreme pressure and are less likely to crack. Furthermore, by combining aluminium and magnesium, manufacturers produce alloy wheels that improve handling and braking as compared to other wheels.

Wheel Accessories

When changing to a different wheel, valve stems and caps can be the icing on the cake to create a lasting impression. If your wheels shine, these do too. While you're at it, add wheel lug nuts and hub caps, if you use them, so everything matches.