Car & Truck Wheels

No doubt about it, the HT Holden is an Australian auto-classic. If youre lucky enough to own one of these icons on wheels, youre not the average rev-head; youre into serious restoration and all the accessories that go with it. eBay is here to help you get your hands on all the car and truck wheels and tyres you need to get your HT Holden road ready.

HT Holden wheels

Whether youre a classic-car purist or someone who doesnt balk at tricking up a rare auto by adding finishing touches like a hot set of rims, eBay you covered with a surprising range of hard-to-find and newer style HT Holden wheels including alloy mag rims, gecko white rims and more. .

Holden tyres

Looking for tyres? Youll find what you need on eBay, whether its a nice set of tyres themselves or the accessories that can help you customise your cars look as you see fit. If youre heavily into the retro look and struggling to find white wall tyres, eBay has a range of Atlas White Wall porta-wall insert trims. These clever trims, fitted between your regular tyre and the wheel, give you the look of real white-walls as well as a strong dose of dependable durability.

Holden parts and tyres

If youre still in the major restoration stage, youll also find a range of accessories and spare parts for many early-model Holdens. eBay has a variety of hard-to-find parts and accessories for your beast, including replacement door locks, metal windscreen sun-visors, rear venetian blinds, replacement fuel caps, door lock pull-up knobs and all manner of spares for the body and engine.

eBay is a great place to start if you really want to make your classic car stand out and run like it just rolled out of the showroom. Motor over today to find the gear you need.