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Car & Truck Window Tint

Car and Truck Window Tint

Tinting your car windows is not simply a question of style and making a statement. The tinting helps you to keep cooler on hot days, protects your cars interior from direct sunlight as well as prying eyes and adds value to your vehicle. Workshops can do the tinting for you or you could tackle the task on your own. Before tinting, learn more about what you need, how to do it as well as about the legal implications and tint benefits.

Things Required for Car and Truck Tinting

For a tinting DIY project you first need the window film itself. The next important thing is the application solution. You also need lint-free cleaning cloth, a razor knife, a scraper blade, a squeegee and a heat gun. Choose a place free of dust to apply the film and do it on a day with mild weather.

Car and Truck Window Tint Application

Prepare the glass by applying the application solution onto the glass inside your vehicle. Use the scraper blade to remove any dust and debris. Put the solution outside the window and roll the film over the glass with the protective layer upward. Cut the film into the right size, while the solution holds it in place. Run the automotive squeegee over the applied film to secure it while you trim the edges. Peel off the protective layer and apply the solution onto the film. Remove the film from the outside and put it to the inside, fix in place with a squeegee. Use the cloth to remove any remaining solution.

Car and Truck Window Tint Benefits

The car becomes much safer and not only because of keeping away thieves. If the glass shatters, the shards will not get inside the car so easily. The tint creates a permanent barrier between the interior and the sun rays as well, so the interior does not overheat. Thanks to blocking the UV rays, the risk of skin cancer also greatly reduces, which is essential for people who drive a lot.

Legal Implications of Car and Truck Tint

Before you enthusiastically tint all the windows of your car or truck, make sure it stays within the limits of the law. The film you apply is subject to several legal restrictions. Newer cars can already have some factory tint on the windows and this is legal. However, you need to check compliance with the law before purchasing the film. It is best to acquire certified film from trusted manufacturers.

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