Caravan Batteries

Get More Out of Your Vehicle with a Dual Battery System

If you are making electrical modifications to your car, you might need to set up a dual battery system to ensure that you have enough power. Whether you want to install a portable fridge, a huge stereo system or a powerful winch, a Redarc dual battery isolator will be an important part of the configuration. eBay is a great source for a range of quality automotive electrical gear.

Why Do You Need a Dual Battery System?

Dual battery systems are great for any modifications that are going to pull extra juice out of your cars battery. They ensure that your vehicle has enough power for basic operations, as well as for whatever new equipment you have installed. Buying a second battery can be a lifesaver–you dont want to be caught in the middle of nowhere with a dead battery because you didnt prepare beforehand.

How Does A Dual Battery System Work?

Basic dual battery systems will have two separate batteries that both connect to an isolator, which then connects to the vehicles engine and electrical system. The isolator stops the primary battery from being drained while the vehicle is turned off. You can buy Redarc dual battery isolators from many eBay sellers. When the car is turned back on, the isolator opens up and allows the alternator to start charging the batteries again.

What Do You Need for a Dual Battery System?

To get setup, you will need a dual battery isolator, the second battery and a mounting tray for it to sit on, as well as some extra wiring to connect the battery. If you are handy and used to doing your own car maintenance, this might be a job you can do yourself. Otherwise, you should go to a qualified auto-electrician who can do the job professionally.