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Caravan Jacks

Need to raise or move your caravan or trailer? Youve come to the right place. While new caravans are not sold with a caravan jack, the good news is you can definitely buy caravan jacks on eBay that is ideal for the size and weight of your caravan. You will also find all the caravan parts and accessoriesyou need.

Why use a caravan jack?

These devices have a simple yet important purpose - to boost your caravan off ground level. Why would that be necessary? It could be for a variety of reasons including positioning your caravan at home or at a caravan park, changing a flat tyre on the most level ground you can reach, or perhaps raising the van so you can grease the nipples on the suspension. Hydraulic jacks can also be used to raise your vehicle in order to hitch up to a towing vehicle.

Static load capacity, height and lifting range

A standard caravan jack might offer a working load limit of approximately 1000kg. Remember, when jacking a caravan you are actually only lifting about one third or less of the overall weight. Each jack has retracted height and extended height specifications that will tell you what kind of lifting youll be able to achieve. For example, 900kg rated heavy duty jack stands might be 435mm high with an extended height of 690mm. The maximum lifting range represents the difference between those two possible heights. In this case the maximum lifting range would be 255mm. It is possible to buy a heavy duty 3175kg rated caravan jack stand that extends from 590mm to 970mm for a maximum lifting range of 380mm.

Safety first

At no time should any person have any part of their body placed underneath a vehicle being supported only by a jack. It is also a very good idea to protect your hands with leather safety gloves when using a caravan jack or jockey wheel.

You will soon be able to boost your caravan, but what about your car? Theres a wide array ofcar lifts, hoists and jacksto be found on eBay. Check them out today!

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