Caravan Locks

Simple and secure caravan locks

Whether youre storing your caravan away for winter or you want it to be more secure when out and about, caravan locks will come in handy. Improve your vehicles security or replace a damaged lock with a spare.

Wheel clamps

Wheel clamps provide an instant visual deterrent and help keep your caravan or trailer safe by completely immobilising it when its not in use. Wheel clamps are available for all budgets with a range of different locks to suit all types of caravan, trailer or RV, no matter how big or small. Wheel clamps can also be used on site to help keep your caravan in place on an uneven surface or incline.

Hitch locks

Hitch locks are another great visual deterrent which prevents your caravan or trailer from being hitched up and towed away. The hitch lock completely covers the hitch when its not in use, making it virtually impossible for anyone, other than the owner, to hook up their vehicle.

Hitch locks are available in a number of different sizes and strengths to suit all caravans and trailers.

Coupling locks

The coupling lock is one of the simplest and effective ways of securing your caravan or trailer to your vehicle. It works by securing the coupling when your caravan or trailer is attached to your vehicle. This prevents a thief from simply being able to uncouple the trailer and drive away with it. Similar to hitch locks, some coupling locks can also be used to secure the hitch when the caravan is stationary.

Caravan door locks

Keeping your valuables safe is just as important as preventing the theft of the caravan or trailer itself. The truth is most caravans are much less protected than homes these days, so they make easy pickings for thieves. You can increase the security of your caravan by fitting a high-security door lock which provides the same level of protection as your home. A range of window, hatch and latch locks are also available to ensure access is limited only to those who have a key.