Caravan Mover

Caravan Mover

Parking your caravan in a really tight spot is a true nuisance. Luckily, a convenient device like the caravan mover can solve this problem for you, and you no longer have to peek so hard into the caravan towing mirrors on your car. This special device uses the power of your caravans leisure battery to drive the rollers on its wheels. As a result, the caravan moves. You can control this process with a remote while standing next to the caravan, so you can easily adjust the movement. Even when you do not store your caravan in a tight place, the mover still makes your life easier.

Caravan Mover Types

Single-axle motor movers are the simplest type and you can use them with a single-axle caravan. They are also the most versatile, as you can turn the single-axle caravan within its own length. With the mover, you can move the caravan backward, forward or at any angle you need. Twin-axle movers are for twin-axle caravans. These are harder to turn because one set of wheels needs to go sideways, which results in a large turning circle. Hybrid movers can use either single or twin axle operation, and you can switch between the two. If you ever need to change the caravan, you could keep the mover even if you get a different type of caravan.

Control and Maneuverability

Modern caravan movers provide a slow start option that allows to maneuver with more grace. Some also include a soft stop option, so you can bring the caravan to a halt smoothly. Variable speed adjustment is a valuable option that gives you a better control over the mover. Controlling the speed is mainly useful for safety reasons.

Engagement Type

You need to engage the mover with the tyres before you can actually use it. This engagement could be either electric or manual. Electric actuation makes your life very easy and it includes small motors on each side that drive the rollers against the tyres. Manual actuation consists of a lever or a nut that rotates, moving the rollers into position. To engage both sides at the same time, you may install a cross actuation bar. Moreover, you can upgrade some manual motors to electric ones.

Battery Requirements

As a caravan mover uses your leisure battery, you also need to think about its capacity. On average, the mover needs about 20 to 40 amps. However, note that number might go higher when youre on slopes. The more powerful the mover, the better battery you need, although you should bear in mind that some models are so efficient that they actually use less power. Check the mover specification before making a purchase.