Caravan Roll Out Awning

Caravan Roll Out Awning

Caravans are the ideal home away from home. These sleeping quarters look similar to trailer homes and are specifically intended for holiday travel; however, they can also act either as a permanent residence or as a temporary place to sleep. As such, it is necessary to equip yourself with the proper accessories, including a caravan awning, to ensure a pleasant stay.

Choosing the Right Awning for Your Needs

Whether your existing one is damaged or whether youre hoping to improve the aesthetic value of your caravan, you can find a wide variety of caravan awnings (including pull-out awnings and retractable awnings) available for purchase. Some styles are motorised, while others must be cranked by hand. Its important to remember that motorised cranks are easier, but they are often more expensive. Youll also want to look for those that are waterproof or water resistant for the best shelter during storms. Choosing the right one is ultimately a matter of personal preference, but you should also take your budget and amount of available space into account when shopping.

Personalising Your Space

Roll-out awnings come in assorted colours, sizes and styles. Features also vary across the board, so as you shop, compare the measurements of the awning to that of your caravan to ensure the right fit. Generally speaking, an awning should cover the door and majority of the side of the vehicle.

Protecting Your Home

The material used to construct caravan awning walls can be found in various materials. Fibreglass poles are a popular choice. Aluminium poles also make an effective option and are appreciated for their sturdiness and ability to withstand harsh weather. Steel poles offer durability but are often passed over due to their high price tag. You should also take the quality of the awning fabric itself into account.

Ensuring Compatibility is Crucial

When shopping for a roll-out awning, keep the make, model and year of your caravan in mind. Well-known manufacturers, such as Bailey, Swift and Willerby, use different designs and parts. While some awnings are standard across caravan types, others only fit particular vehicles.