Get refreshed on the go with a caravan shower

Every caravan, campervan or RV can be improved with some hot water and a nice relaxing shower. If youre travelling across Australia and staying on a campsite, the toilet and shower facilities are usually shared, but with your own caravan shower, youre free to wash in the privacy of your own space.

The great news is theres a terrific selection of caravan showers here on eBay, so why not take a look! There are numerous showers and portable hot water generators that enable you to pop up a shower in minutes just outside your RV. These are usually in the form of simple tubing, a showerhead and a stand.

Permanent fixtures that can be installed inside a caravan are an option, running off the same plumbing system as the toilet. There are various components available like pumps and heaters to work with this. You know the environments your caravan will be taken to and a nice outdoor shower in the Aussie summer heat could be a cracking way to cool off.

So many options

If youre handy with a toolbox and love to tinker, converting your caravan toilet plumbing system to incorporate a shower can save you a lot of trouble when youre on your travels.

All it takes is a bit of planning and some research into precisely what youll need. All the parts you could need can be found on eBay, with a focus on helping you divert some of the water that powers your caravan toilet. The smallest essential parts of any system can be found right here on eBay, and your ideal solution for a caravan shower is waiting for you among our listings.

If you love having a toilet in your caravan to avoid the communal toilet experience at campsites and festivals, then youll love having your very own caravan shower too so you can wake up fresh every day of your trip. Browse our listings today and make your caravan complete.