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Towing mirrors are purpose designed to allow you to keep your eye on the load behind you. As a responsible driver, you want to ensure your vehicle is fitted with reliable towing mirrors when towing a caravan or trailer.Highway conditions vary, and rough road surfaces create poor visibility. If your exterior mirrors are well chosen and well-fitted, your towing will be problem-free. eBay has the caravan towing mirrors you need to put yourself in position to stay safe on the road.

Ensure you can see your load
Wide-angle towing mirrors allow the driver to manoeuvre the vehicle and back-up easier. Extension or wide-angle mirrors can be attached to your existing mirror with straps or clamps. A ball head joint, some with a 360 degree flexibility, means that the towing mirror can be easily adjusted. And a second wide-angle mirror or a convex mirror will provide a greater range of vision.

In Australia, wherever the caravan is wider than the tow vehicle, you need a caravan towing mirror. These allow you to see if any parts are not tied down properly, or if someone is trying to pass you or signal to you in case of emergency.

Vibration can be an issue on rugged terrain, so be sure your caravan towing mirror is designed to be vibration free. Look for stability by selecting strong straps or hard-wearing screws. Stainless steel screws address corrosion if you are travelling in coastal areas where high salt quantities in the air are an issue. Brass is another option for corrosion-free mounts and inserts.

Other caravan parts and accessories for your next trip
Once the safety issues are taken care of with a good towing mirror, consider what other caravan parts and accessories you need. Perhaps an extra fridge would allow for a greater fishing trip; you can keep that bait cold and store that fantastic catch! More batteries could mean utilities can be powered-up more often; power will last longer, making more off-road adventures possible.

When towing a heavy load, towbars and winches are essential items. Know the strength of your rope or cable and be sure it suits your towing needs.

Start your road trip by exploring the eBay range of caravan parts and accessories today.

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