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Caravan Vent

Caravan Vents

Ventilating a caravan or motorhome via caravan vents is highly important when travelling for several days or weeks. Vents are essential for keeping air circulating. Older caravans and camping cars often need replacement vents and this type of spare part is widely available. Any difficulty finding an exact replacement need not be an insurmountable problem, however, as a change of vent presents an opportunity to upgrade. To properly select the most efficient vent for your needs, just follow basic compatibility rules.

Type and Size of Vent

Consider what types of vent you need to buy. By and large, they each fall into one of three types: primary cabin, toilet and appliance vents. The primary cabin vents offer the most versatility, as they can be either passive or active, ranging from a simple caravan roof hatch lid to models with embedded motorised ventilators. Those who spend a lot of time at one location might benefit from an active vent, as the improved airflow created may even compensate for the lack of a caravan air conditioner. Aircon is of course another option to consider, although a passive hatch lid can double as an excellent sunroof to bring more light and air into the cabin.

The Purpose of Specific Vents

Toilet and appliance vents are both smaller in size and normally passive, but they play an important role in every caravan. Appliance vents are crucial as they reduce heat, condensation and carbon monoxide build-up from gas fridges and cookers. Material and shapes vary, and in most cases vents are white, but some brands of vent have a range of colours.

Dual-Function Vents

Some caravan vents perform more than one function. There are modern vents that double as solar panels to help improve the energy efficiency of your caravan. The fan that funnels air into or extracts air from your caravan can be powered by a small solar panel as long as there is sun reaching your roof. Installation is not significantly more difficult.

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