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Caravan wheels for your mobile retreat

While caravans can start to look a bit worn out and weathered in the backyard, it can only take a few tweaks here and there to vastly improve the smoothness, safety, and efficiency of your towing vehicle. Giving your caravan new wheels is a great place to start.

Jockey wheel

The jockey wheel is one of the most important caravan wheels as it helps steer your RV into position. Without one, it is almost impossible to accurately site your caravan at the trailer park.

There are various types of jockey wheels available, including single and dual axle models. Some people prefer pneumatic tyres, whereas others prefer solid or puncture proof wheels. More adventurous individuals may want to consider motorised or off-road jockey wheels to make your life that bit easier while you're out exploring.

Main caravan wheels

Having decent tread with sturdy rims is important. You'll thank yourself one day if you check your spare tyre too. If you find it a hassle to have your spare wheel fitted under your caravan or RV, be aware that there are alternatives. Holders are available that you can stylishly attach to your vehicle. Collapsible wheelie bin are great as they fit to your spare wheel, so you can keep everything tidy while you enjoy the outdoors.

There is a multitude of caravan parts and accessories available that can enhance or improve your caravan, such as adaptors for your wheel nuts in case you get a puncture on the road. Wheel chocks ensure that your caravan stays still while you're parked up on your holiday, or working on repairs on various trailer parts. Other wheel chocks are designed to ensure your caravan is level when you are parked up on uneven ground.

If your caravan is going to be kept in a single location for more than a few days, you might want to consider tyre protectors that help prevent flat spots on your tyres.

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