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Carbon Filter Hydroponic Environmental Controls

Keep the air in which you grow your plants clean and pollutant-free with carbon filter kit hydroponic environmental controls designed to suit your setting. It's a way of removing unwanted odours from your growing environment, without the need for harsh chemicals. Select from small 100mm carbon filter hydroponic environmental controls or larger filters up to around 200mm in diameter.

Carbon Filters

Carbon filters are designed to pull air through the carbon bedding where odourous components will attach themselves to tiny molecular hooks in the activated carbon. An open-air mesh design maximises the airflow with the treated air then ducted outside of your growing room to keep it clean of nasty odours and pathogens. Carbon filters are sized to meet different growing spaces and their ventilation needs and are considered 99 per cent effective at cleaning the air.

Hydroponic Environmental Controls Kit

Most hydroponic environmental controls kits include a centrifugal exhaust air fan and a carbon filter that can be attached directly to it. They also come equipped with a non-insulated aluminium air duct and quick-release stainless steel hose clamps for easy duct removal when cleaning.

Floor-Mounted Carbon Filters

You can purchase large floor-mounted carbon filters for greater efficiency of unwanted air removal. Just install it as close to the roof as is practically possible, ensuring it filters out the warm and stale air as it rises. Stale air will be sucked into the top and run down into the filter, before being cleaned and blown out the top again.

Silencer Fans

Couple your carbon filter hydroponic environmental controls with a silencer fan, incorporating both a mixed flow fan and silencer into its compact design. It features special noise dampening insulation materials for the quietest operation, as well as an industrial-strength fixed flow fan to remove odours and pollutants from your growing environment.

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