Carlton Ware Pottery & Porcelain

Carlton Ware Pottery and Porcelain

Those looking to add a unique spin on their home’s décor, glassware and pottery collection may want to consider Carlton Ware for their next refurbishing. The brand is known for carrying a wide selection of glass and pottery wares, both new and old. Most of their products are made of porcelain, ceramic and wood. They also have metal items but those are rare and hard to find.

Carlton Ware Antiques

When searching for something old, Carlton Ware antiques might be the ideal category to look at. One can never go wrong with an antique Carlton Ware dish from days past or a Carlton Ware gravy boat that has experienced more than its fair share of turkey dinners. When choosing vintage and original Carlton Ware pottery or porcelain, make sure it is authentic by having it appraised by a reputable Carlton Ware distributor or collector.

Carlton Ware Designs

A common theme for Carlton Ware items are their floral designs. The Carlton Ware foxglove design is one of their most popular choice. You may start with a Carlton Ware foxglove dish, if you want, but a whole collection awaits. Apart from that, they also offer designs with roses, peonies, hydrangeas and more. When it is not designed with flowers, some Carlton Ware items feature sea anemones, pheasants, horses, swallows and more.

Carlton Ware Collections

Apart from dishes and Carlton Ware Pottery and Porcelain tableware, Carlton Ware also has a selection of other glassware urns such as the Carlton Ware Rouge Royale. They also have Carlton Ware Anemone Graduated Jugs, which may be ideal for both decorating a kitchen or for personal use. They also have tea sets like the Carlton Ware Yellow Primula Teacup and Saucer Set.

Unique Carlton Ware Items

Some people are more partial to strange yet beautiful designs, which is why they can opt for the Carlton Ware Bleu Royale Art Deco Dish or the Carlton Ware Green Floral Embossed Hydrangea Dish. When not in search for a dish, one can get themselves the Carlton Ware Foxglove tea set, which includes a teapot, sugar and creamer dispenser. For both décor and snack purposes, the Carlton Ware Golden Scimitar Biscuit Barrel is also an ideal choice.