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Caroma Cistern

Caroma is known for its innovation in the bathroom plumbing and fixture industry, the most notable of which is its introduction of the world's first dual flushing system. In a thirsty place like Australia, you have to conserve every drop, which is why a Caroma Cistern a good option for efficiency and eco-friendliness. If you have one of those bare-bones toilets installed in your apartment or bathroom, this is a good upgrade especially when paired with a good bidet.

Dual Flush Cisterns

When the dual flush toilet system debuted from Caroma in 1982, the world rapidly adopted it. The system basically lets you perform half a flush, which is helpful for when there are no solids in the toilet. It conserves water and cleans the inside of the bowl as well. It works by cutting off the water siphon via a strategically located set of air holes set to use only 3 litres of water, instead of the standard 6 for a flush.

Plastic Connector Cisterns

When renovating or upgrading your bathroom and toilet, consider a plastic connector cistern from Caroma. Not only are these cisterns designed to seamlessly fit Caroma toilets, they are also ideal for retrofitting older toilets whose pans are incompatible with modern cisterns. Just mount the cistern to the wall, connect the pipeline to the bowl and insert the plastic connector to maintain a fluid and cohesive look.

Water Efficiency

Caroma puts emphasis on water conservation. There are over three million inefficient toilets installed around the world, which all use clean water. The Express Power Valve (XPV) system allows for greater flushing power while using less water overall. Older single flush pans, which cannot be replaced, are ideal ones to upgrade with new and efficient Caroma cisterns. Not only do these new designs save on water, their streamlined aesthetics and flexible design also make them great retrofitting options. You can also choose concealed cisterns if you're going for that minimalist look without compromising on efficiency and water conservation.

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