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Cartier Watches

A good watch serves not only as a reminder of time, but also doubles as a classy accessory. Cartier wristwatches are pieces that add a touch of elegance to any outfit, whether the wearer is a man or a woman.


Cartier watches are unique and timeless, and because of this, owners often pass them down from generation to generation. The more valuable watches often have square or rectangular faces that manufacturers meticulously put together, with durable straps. Cartier watches are great for social peacocking, and they often give the wearer a heightened sense of style as indicators of good taste.

Types of Cartier Watches

A wide range of Cartier watches are available for purchase, and usually as men's and women's watches. Within those general categories, there are different collections, some that are for everyday use, and others that are great for gifts or formal occasions. Signature Cartier ranges include the Tank collection, or a more feminine option, the Ballon Bleu collection, among others.

Choosing a Cartier Watch

Budget is one of the main considerations when purchasing a Cartier, as the price point can go from luxury levels to terrifyingly opulent ones, depending upon the rarity of the piece. Because of this, it may be wise to keep your options open to pre-loved watches and not only the brand new ones. Besides that, consider your personal style, as some of the pieces radiate a more old school vibe, whereas others are more fun and modern. Whether one prefers pieces that are mechanical or battery-powered is also another aspect to think about. Mechanical watches are self-running as long as the owner wears them often, whereas battery-powered watches need replacement batteries every few years. That being said, battery-powered watches tend to cost less in general. It's also possible to buy Cartier watch bands separately later on if one wants to change up the style of the their Cartier.

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