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Got one to sell?

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Carton Strapping

When it comes to shipping goods locally, across the country or across the world, you want to make sure everything gets there in the same condition you sent it in. In order to keep the contents inside and prevent damage, carton strapping is a must. Straps come in a range of durability, making sure whatever you sell is safe and secure. If you don’t know which type you want, take a look below at what’s available.

Heavy Duty Carton Strapping

Heavy-duty carton strappings are among of the most common carton strapping materials. You will most likely have seen them on packages that businesses send, and when multiple parcels need to travel together. These straps won’t rip or tear, and require scissors or other sharp instruments, such as a cardboard cutter or knife, to sever. They come in a variety of bright colours, with metal seals also available for purchase to keep the ends together.

Economy Carton Strapping

Gaffa tape, or Economy carton strapping, is quite similar to heavy-duty carton strapping, with the exception of quantity available. If you are involved in a business that sends multiple packages with this sort of securing, you can bulk buy these shipping supplies and save yourself a lot of money. Alternatively, if the goods need securing but don’t need such a tough wrapping, poly strapping tape can do the job. Its strength and durability are less than heavy-duty straps, but more than duct tape and sticky tape.

Benefits of Bulk Buying

One thing anyone involved in a business will tell you is that bulk buying can be a blessing. If you require shipping supplies like these in large quantities, wholesale stores and online sellers like eBay can hook you up with as much as you need. You can have it delivered to your home or to your place of business, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Where to Buy

Whether you are after heavy-duty polypropylene straps or poly strapping tape, you should have no problem finding it in the quantity you need. News agencies and online sellers should be the first place you look.

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