Choosing the Right Apple iPad Air 2 Case

Whether you need a case for protection or to improve the functionality of your iPad Air 2, there are plenty of options to choose from on eBay. Find both stylish folio cases and protective rubber iPad Air 2 cases.

What features do protective cases for your iPad Air 2 offer?

Most iPad users choose to get a case because they want to keep their device protected from dropping, scratching, or spills. Though protective cases tend to be bulkier than other cases, slim protective options are available as well. Some protective cases also include a glass or plastic screen protector to prevent scratches and shattering. Screen protectors are also separately on eBay that are not attached to a case.

If your iPad is primarily used by your children, choose an iPad Air 2 case made specially to be kid-friendly. These cases for kids often include handles to make it easier for kids to carry. In addition, these cases are often made of durable rubber, silicone, or hard plastic that are shockproof in case of drops. These kid-friendly iPad Air 2 cases are available in fun colours and patterns including pink, lime green, and butterfly-shaped.

Folio-style iPad Air 2 covers

In addition to protective cases, you can also find professional-looking affordable Apple iPad Air 2 cases on eBay. These folio style cases are available in leather, silicone, and plastic. Extra pockets and features are often included in these sleek cases. With some cases, the iPad Air 2 is even able to lock itself when the folio is closed over the top and unlock itself when the folio is opened.

Many of these folio-style cases are also able to be propped up. Some can even rotate when propped between landscape and portrait views. Protective cases sometimes also include a kickstand​ or other way to be set up for easy viewing. This makes them useful for watching movies, television, and other video content.

iPad Air 2 keyboard cases

Keyboard cases help you use your iPad like a laptop. Some new or preowned keyboard cases have the keyboard permanently attached to the case, while others have removable keyboards so the case can still be used without the keyboard. Most of these keyboards connect to your iPad Air 2 using Bluetooth technology. Cases that​ include keyboards are typically folio-style or have a hinge like a laptop. Find​ a variety of iPad Air 2 smart covers on eBay. Keyboards to connect to your iPad Air 2 can also be found sold separately.