Cases, Covers and Keyboard Folios for 7 Inch Tablets & eReaders

Cases, Covers, and Keyboard Folios for 7-inch Tablets

Tablet and eBook cases, covers, and keyboard folios for 7-inch tablets are a great way to protect your tablet or electronic book, and some even enhance the overall user experience. There are many different styles of 7-inch tablet cases, covers, and keyboard folios available, so you can find one that works for your specific 7-inch device. With the variety of colours and materials available, you can also find one that suits your unique sense of style.

Tablet and eBook Folding Folio Cases for 7-inch Tablets

Tablet and eBook folding folio cases are a good choice for those who want something that protects the screen and frame of their tablets. Some feature built-in pockets, so you can store personal items. Many folios fold backwards to create a stand that is ideal for holding your tablet in place so you can watch videos and have your hands free.

Tablet and eBook Keyboard Folio Cases for 7-inch Tablets

Tablet and eBook keyboard folio cases are useful if you like typing on your tablet. These cases feature a built-in keyboard, and you can connect yours directly to your tablet using a micro USB connector or other model of specific jack. Most tablet and eBook keyboard folio cases have built-in stands, so you can basically turn your device into a mini laptop.

Protective Skins and Shells for 7-inch Tablets

Protective skins and shells for 7-inch tablets fit tightly to the body of your tablet or eBook. Some of these cases are hard and snap into place. Others feature stretchy, silicone material that you slip over your device. Most hard shell and soft shell cases have slim profiles.

Sleeves and Pouches for 7-inch Tablets

Sleeves and pouches for 7-inch tablets provide protection against scratches and bumps. These types of tablet cases are perfect for transporting and storing your electronic device. They come in a variety of materials, including soft fabrics and durable leather. Some have zip closures and others use buttons or snaps.