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Cases Covers and Keyboard Folios for Sony Tablet

Sony tablets are great for many things, be it either web browsing, listening to music, playing games or checking email. If you have one, you obviously want to take it with you everywhere to enjoy its benefits. However, when carrying your tablet around, you should pay some attention to protecting it. Tablets can look rugged outside, but they are rather vulnerable to drops, spills and other mishaps. You can choose from a variety of tablet covers, from rugged shells to soft sleeves.

Keyboard Folios

Keyboard folios are both covers and keyboards, thus enhancing the functionality of your Sony tablet. They attach to your tablet and provide all-over protection from scratches. The folding folio cases are available in a large variety of designs, so you can really express your personality with such a cover. The finish can be either hard-wearing or less durable, and you should choose it based on your typical usage and needs.


Skins are laminated vinyl decals that you place on the front and back of the device. After removal, they usually do not leave any residue, and you can adjust their position, if necessary. Skins come in a limitless number of designs, so you can really play with different styles. Skins do not provide much protection, although they can save your device from scratches. Their main function is personalising your tablet.


As the name already implies, sleeves are removable, and you can slide your tablet out of them when you need to use it. These covers are perfect for protecting your tablet on the go. Once you take your device out, you do not have to hold the extra weight that some other covers may add. A tablet sleeve should be at least the size of your tablet. Bigger sleeves are also suitable. If the sleeve is durable enough and the size fits, you can use the same sleeve for different Sony tablets.


Cases for Sony tablets are very model-specific as they take into account the placement of ports on your tablet. You mount your tablet into a case and keep it always on. Some cases also transform into horizontal or vertical stands, so they are multifunctional. The case can include corner straps or a cage where you put your tablet. The materials for such cases include a number of options. Soft silicone gel tablet cases for Sony have a durable bounce to them and come in bright colours. Classic leather tablet cases for Sony and colourful synthetic leather tablet cases for Sony have a professional sheen to them.

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