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Casio Quartz Solar Powered Watches

Innovative technologies have improved watches and their features over time. Watches can now go on for a limitless amount of time if they get their power directly from the sun. Japanese company Casio has delivered us many advanced wristwatches that reach beyond the conventional limits, and their range includes solar powered watches as well.

Solar Power Technology

Casio has its very own solar power technology, Tough Solar. This technology is common on the company's digital and analogue-digital watches, while the analogue watches work on a simpler solar power technology. The Tough Solar watches collect solar power, but they can also convert the light from fluorescent lamps and other sources into power. The Casio watches continue charging even in low-light conditions, for instance, when it is cloudy outside. On full charge, the solar powered wristwatches operate for approximately two years when the power saving function is on. The solar power also feeds many power-hungry applications, including alarms, backlights, sensors, 5-motor operation and time-calibration signal reception.

Watch Bands

The solar powered Casio watches are available in different designs. For a smart and classic look, choose a leather strap or stainless steel bracelet. The latter are available in both silver and gold tones. Both stainless steel and leather bands are typical for analogue watches as well as analogue-digital combos. Digital and most analogue-digital watches generally include a resin band that can be in any colour and looks sporty.

Watch Face

Casio offers both analogue and digital watches that work on solar power. The analogue watches are the simplest, with their classic face containing numbers. The digital watches provide a few more features, such as stopwatch, lap memory, world time, interval timer and LED light. If you want to enjoy the best of both worlds, choose an analogue-digital combo watch. Most of such watches have resin bands, but as some stainless steel options are available, you could acquire a quite beautiful watch that has a classic look.

Men's and Women's Watches

The range of solar powered wristwatches includes men's Casio quartz solar powered wristwatches and women's Casio quartz solar powered wristwatches. Typically, women's watches are slightly smaller, as their wrists are also more slender. Moreover, women's designs are more elegant, while men's watches are more on the robust side. However, Casio also offers some timeless unisex designs that anyone could wear, regardless of their gender.

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