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Casio Titanium Wristwatches

Casio is famous for their innovative watch technology, constantly breaking new ground in what a simple wristwatch can do, so it's no surprise they've made many titanium wristwatches. Casio titanium wristwatches are unique, not just because of Casio's one-of-a-kind design and technology, but also due to the metal itself. While stainless steel is a more popular material for watches, titanium is just as strong as steel but less dense, making it a lighter, more comfortable watch for you.

Pro-Trek Series

For Casio titanium case wristwatches that are as tough as nails, check out the Casio Pro-Trek series of wristwatches. These timepieces are ideal for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, rock climbing, and more. Additionally, as it's water resistant up to 100 metres, you can wear this watch if you're on a boat, white water rafting, or just hiking near a river, safe in the knowledge that it can get wet without losing any function.

Dress Watches

Casio's dress watches are an ideal place to find the right Casio titanium band round wristwatches for you. Sleek and professional looking, these Casio wristwatches have many features that can help you in your daily life, besides the secondary digital screen and backlighting for easy reading. With a ten-year battery, you can depend on this watch for a long time, and the tide graph and moon phase data is perfect for ocean lovers who need this kind of information.


A product of years of previous iterations, the G-Shock watch is the height of Casio's shock-resistant models. This watch doesn't just have a titanium band, but is fully made of the material, lending titanium's toughness and lighter density to the whole wristwatch. This watch is full of features, including a full auto calendar, world time, a solar charge system, and GPS radio reception function, with automatic and manual modes.

Vintage Watches

Due to the durability of titanium, it's easy to find vintage Casio wristwatches made of this material that have stood up to the test of time, and people can still wear and use them. Relive the 90's with a vintage Japanese Casio titanium watch that includes a compass.

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