Keep things lubricated and running smoothly with castor oil from eBay

Made by extracting oil from castor beans, humans have used castor oil for a number of medicinal and industrial uses for thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians found this oil to be quite useful as a flammable fuel for their lamps, as well as for inducing labour in pregnant women, and as a natural remedy for various other ailments.

Castor oil is still used today as an industrial lubricant, in massage oils, skin care products, and as a component of biodiesel fuels. This affordable and multi-purpose oil has a range of other uses, which is why it is commonly found in many home medicine cabinets.


Castor oil can be used medicinally as a natural laxative. It increases muscle movement in the intestines which can rapidly relieve temporary constipation by helping to clear the bowels.


Castor oil is often added to cosmetic products like makeup, lotions, or cleansers to promote hydration and retain moisture by preventing the loss of water via the skin.


Castor oil may be applied to wounds to create a moist environment that prevents sores from drying out and promotes healing. It can also decrease the risk of infection by stimulating tissue growth over the wound to form a natural barrier.

Skin care

The antimicrobial properties of castor oil means topical application may help many people, especially teenagers, fight any bacterial overgrowth which reduces the symptoms of acne.

Castor oil has a wide range of uses, which makes it helpful to have around the house whether for daily use such as moisturising or for those odd times when you have a small cut or scrape and want to help it heal a little faster. Buy castor oil online from eBay today so you always have some of this able assistant on hand when required.