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Cat Hooded Litter Tray

Give your pet privacy and reduce odours when you use a hooded cat litter tray. Unlike an open cat litter tray, these enclosed designs keep odours at bay and keep unsightly litter and waste hidden from view until you clean your box. Cats enjoy staying out of sight while they use the box, and owners like the idea of keeping litter out of plain view. The trays come in many styles and designs to fit your budget and to complement your existing home decor, ensuring the trays blend in perfectly.


Whether you're looking for litter trays for small kittens or larger cats, hooded trays come in many sizes and styles. Opt for a mod-looking curved design with a rounded lid for a cute and stylish option, or select a classic rectangular design. With a swivelling door that makes it easy for pets to walk in and out, these trays meet every need. Select a space-saving triangular design meant to fit into a corner space, or boxes that double as a scratching pad as well as a spot for your cat to sit with a cushion on top. Fashionable colours and even textures make trays visually appealing.


Hooded trays have many worthwhile features. A handle makes moving the tray from room to room simple, and you can use any type of litter you desire inside, including clumping cat litter. The lid fits securely over the bottom part of the tray, meaning you don't have to worry about your cat kicking litter all over your floor anymore, and the scent stays inside the box, which also features vents to control smells until it's time to clean your tray. Two-way doors are convenient for cats to use easily, and the durable plastic designs clean up in seconds. Perfect for households with multiple cats, these trays fit the bill for keeping your home clean and odour-free.

Smart Designs

There are regular hooded cat litter trays and then there are smart cat trays. Smart designs do the legwork for you, and help you keep the box clean. A sifting mechanism sifts solid waste into into a receptacle at the bottom of the box, meaning you no longer have to manually scoop the litter yourself. Simply change out the bag at the bottom to keep the tray smelling fresh. Once you remove the waste, you pull a level to refresh the litter inside the tray, preparing it for the next occupant. These make cleaning your cat's litter much less of a chore, and makes it easy for you to keep the box clean throughout the day as well.


Along with the right litter box, you'll need a few supplies to ensure your cat has everything he needs to use his box, and you have what you need to keep it clean. Change your box daily using clean and fresh cat litter, which comes in many types, including clay litter and clumping litter. You may wish to use a plastic liner in the bottom of your tray, making it easy to clean dirty litter each day as well as keep the bottom of your box fresh. A scooper comes in handy for eliminating solid waste throughout the day, and if you have a sifting box, you'll require special liners for the bin underneath your tray.

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