Celebrity Dolls

Play with or collect your favourite public figure with a celebrity doll

Add some star power to your collection with your choice of celebrity dolls, perfect for avid collectors and those looking to have some fun. Whatever your era or area of interest, youll be able to find a celebrity doll to suit your collection or to gift to a die-hard fan. From the era of classic movies to the greatest pop stars of the ages and even renowned characters, there are plenty of famous faces for you to bring into your home.

Throughout the years a number of well-known faces have been immortalised in doll form, from the King of Pop Michael Jackson and the Spice Girls to Elvis Presley. For the One Direction fan in your life, a collection of 1D celebrity dolls will please them no end, with some of them being able to sing.

Many of these toys are fully posable and come complete with a number of accessories. For the Disney fanatics, there is a huge range of Disney dolls featuring their most beloved characters, such as Hannah Montana.

Those still packaged in their original boxes will be highly sought-after collectibles and may command a higher price, so keep an eye out.

Porcelain Dolls

Intended as collectors items rather than toys to be played with, porcelain dolls have that handcrafted and delicate look. Theres a number of Franklin Mint porcelain celebrity baby dolls to be found, from a baby Marylin Monroe to Princess Diana. These dolls will boost the appeal of any collection and their rarity will make them a wise investment.

Ventriloquist Dolls

Ventriloquism has always been a popular hobby, which means there are many ventriloquist dolls that feature famous faces. Many classic ventriloquist dolls became celebrities in their own right, making replicas popular collectors items, such as Danny ODay and Charlie McCarthy to name a couple.