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Celestron telescopes

When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are, but it can make a difference whether or not you are using a Celestron telescope or not. This brand of telescope is one of the biggest and most popular and for good reason.

Since they were founded in the 1960's Celestron have revolutionised the telescope industry providing high-quality magnification and a large range of features to ensure that anyone can partake in some star gazing.

Objective lens diameter

This is the most important feature of any telescope. The larger the objective the finer the detail. You'll be able to see fainter objects clearer than a with a smaller one. For those interested in astronomy, if you have a scope with an objective of 80mm, you may find yourself spotting galaxies beyond our own Milky Way.

Types of telescope

There are different types of telescopes with different optics to be aware of, so be sure to get the telescope that suits your purpose best. Reflector telescopes have a lens at the front of the tube and are the most popular type of telescope available. These are generally low maintenance. You may find that the price goes up quite a lot as the optical quality increases.

Reflector telescopes gather up light using a mirror at the rear of the tube (as opposed to the front). They are generally the least expensive type of telescope available. However, they will typically require a bit more maintenance to ensure the optical quality remains.

‘Catadioptric', also known as a compound, are a combination of lenses and mirrors offering compact tubes whilst remaining relatively light.

Fit for purpose

There are plenty of Celestron telescopes to choose from including the Celestron Nexstar, the Astromaster and Schmidt Cassegrain, all of which will all act as a nice upgrade to any binoculars. You can really start to study and admire space with your very own Celestron telescope.

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