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Portable Heaters

Every year, winter comes around, and every year people find themselves surprised how cold it gets. You could choose to layer clothing items on top of each other, or you could get yourself and your family a portable heater. Lightweight and durable, they are able to provide heat to a good-sized area, and they do not attach to walls or windows. They come in many different shapes, sizes and materials, and it only takes a quick bit of research to find which one will be best for you.

Ceramic Portable Heaters

Ceramic portable heaters are able to generate and direct a good amount of heat despite being small. Personal ones are small and circular, with median costs for a name brand. Some boast ThermoGuard protection, meaning their material and design make them safe. You won’t have to worry about heat damage and fire risk. Tower heaters will heat a room while not taking up a lot of space.

Glass Portable Heaters

Glass-panel portable heaters look like the technology of the future, but you can have one in your very own home right now. The panel takes up more space than a tower heater but covers a wider area, making it good for the whole family. They are thin in design and their look will suit almost every lounge-room design and decor.

Heated Floor Mats

If you live in a location where the temperature can drop significantly, and you want to find a new way to stay warm, check out heated floor mats. Imagine the pleasure of stepping out of the shower and onto a toasty padded mat. They can also be longer to cover a walkway, covering your colder tiled areas. If you want to go one step further, turn your entire floor into a heated pad, with mesh and electrical wires that you control to heat your whole house.

Heated Blankets

The best in portable personal heating, an electric double blanket can come in a range of sizes for any bed, or come camping with you. Store away for when you need it, whether for full sleeps or just curling up on the sofa.

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