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Chamberlain Tractors

Chamberlain is an extremely popular Australian tractor brand. Chamberlain started producing tractors in the mid 20th century, and quickly became one of the country's most trusted brands. The first Chamberlain tractor rolled off the production line in 1949, and the company went from strength to strength in the years following. Chamberlain tractors are tough in build and ideal for use in harsh Australian conditions. Although the company merged with John Deere in 1970, old Chamberlain tractors remain extremely popular choices for farmers across the country.

Do You Want a Working Chamberlain Tractor?

The first thing that you need to think about when you look at purchasing a Chamberlain tractor is the condition that you want it to be in. Do you want a working tractor that you can use around your property, or are you looking for an older collectable model? It is possible to find both options, but collectible models can get quite expensive. If you are for a working Chamberlain commercial tractor, then you need to make sure that it is in good condition, has been well maintained and will be able to stand up to the strain you are going to put on it.

Or Do You Want a Vintage Chamberlain Tractor?

However, if you are searching for a collectable vintage Chamberlain tractor, then you need to think about other things. Pay special attention to the quality and condition of the tractor that you are buying, and inspect it carefully to make sure that it is the real deal. Unfortunately, a lot of potentially collectable Chamberlain tractors have been rebuilt using imitation parts, which can dramatically reduce their value.

Perhaps You Need Other Chamberlain Machines?

If you already own a Chamberlain tractor, you will probably be aware of just how good they are. You may want to purchase some other Chamberlain machinery to add to your collection. For example, you might look for an old disc plough or a seeder. Once again, pay attention to the condition of the machine, whether it is in working order and whether it is meant for use or to be a collectors' piece.

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