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Chanel No 5 Eau de Parfum Fragrance for Women

One of the most iconic women's fragrances of all times, Chanel No 5 women's eau de parfum was created in the early 1920s by French fashion designer Coco Chanel as a revolutionary scent that women from all over the world embraced and transformed into a cult scent. Today, you can purchase the original Chanel No 5 as well as subsequent variations of the scent, so you can find the right one to suit your personality.

Eau de Parfum

The eau de parfum version of the Chanel No 5 is the original perfume that blends florals and musks with just a bit of sandalwood and Bourbon vanilla. Over the years, the perfume has been reimagined and reinterpreted by Chanel in new forms, such as an eau de parfum spray and an eau premiere version.

Eau de Toilette

The eau de toilette Chanel No 5 is a less expensive version that maintains the same original scent while being a bit softened down. As with all eau de toilette versions, it may not last as long as the eau de parfum version on your skin.

Chanel No 5 Eau Premiere

A rather different scent than the original No 5, the Chanel No 5 Eau Premiere is a simpler version of perfume suitable for day wear. Released in 2015, it has a floral heart and a soft base with notes of sandalwood, vetiver, and vanilla. This edition comes in bottles with 10 graphic design versions for collectors.

Coco Mademoiselle

If you're looking for a Chanel women's fragrance with a strong personality and a bit of an oriental vibe, the Coco Mademoiselle women's eau de parfum is a fresh expression of the cult Chanel fragrances. Mixing notes of jasmine and rose blended with vetiver and patchouli, this perfume is also available in eau de toilette and spray versions.

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