Chanel No 5 Eau de Parfum

Eau de Parfum Chanel No 5 Fragrances

Classic and timeless, eau de parfum Chanel No 5 fragrances are the epitome of elegance. The first fragrance the brand released back in 1921, No 5 still entrances fragrance fans today with its combination of floral notes and musk undertones, creating a fresh and feminine scent that somehow stays modern throughout the years. There are many ways you can wear Chanel No 5 perfume, and enjoy the look of the beautiful and iconic bottle on your vanity or dresser.

Eau de Parfum Spray

When it comes to choosing Chanel No 5 perfumes, the eau de parfum spray is the fullest, most concentrated way to wear the fragrance. This makes for a bit of a stronger spray, but it also lasts longer once it wears down. Eau de parfum is sometimes more expensive than eau de toilette since it includes a higher concentration of oils and less alcohol, depending on the fragrance type and the bottle size. Chanel creates a convenient spray to apply No 5 eau de parfum with ease, and youll enjoy the perfect mixture of flowers and citrus notes that this stylish scent has to offer.

Eau de Toilette Spray

Light and less concentrated, Chanel No 5 eau de toilette perfumes are fresh and feminine. An updated bottle design means you can use the continuous spray to apply even more of your favourite fragrance with ease, since the toilette is a lighter formulation than the parfum, you may want to apply just a bit more than you normally would to reap the benefits of this elegant fragrance. Floral overtones give way to a powdery musk base, creating a fashionable fragrance that feels bright and delicate at the same time.

Other Products

Perfume experts recommend layering your favourite fragrance to ensure it lasts the day. Chanel makes it easy to enjoy the benefits of its signature No 5 scent with an array of compatible products that feature the famous fragrance. Start with No 5 soap in your bath, and layer up luxurious bubbles featuring the No 5 scent. Opt for No 5 deodourant, body lotion, foaming bubble bath, or even hair mist for a lighter way to enjoy the floral scent. Soothe and hydrated with Chanel No 5 body cream in a thick and rich texture, or finish off your fragrance with a dusting of Chanel No 5 powder for a fresh feel thats perfect for summer.