Channellock Home Tools

Established more than 100 years ago, Channellock hand tools are among the most trusted on the market. The business has built on the working class experience of America, creating reliable and durable tools. You can find everything from snap ring pliers and electrician tools to wrenches and screwdrivers, as well as Channellock tool parts and accessories. They also manufacture a whole range of specialty tools, including fencing pliers, crimping pliers and wire strippers.


Looking for an all-round plier to get the job done? Consider Channellock’s original Tongue and Groove pliers that can handle almost any situation. Opt for their sturdy Linemen’s pliers to make easy work of electrical jobs or a Long Nose plier for extra precision. Their Long Reach pliers will get into places that other pliers can’t, while their Cutting pliers will make quick work of wire and nails.


Channellock manufactures a range of adjustable wrenches that open wider than conventional tools and have longer jaws for a better grip. You can also find combination wrenches that will provide serious torque in tight spaces and detachable socket sets with quick release ratchets. Their wrenches and ratchets feature a low profile design to access those tight spaces and 72 gear teeth, with a handy storage rack standard with the sets.


Whether you’re after a slotted, Phillips or Torx screwdriver to get the job done, Channellock has professional-grade tools to suit. They also manufacture nutdriver and multi-bit screwdrivers, as well as specialty recess screwdrivers.

Tool Sets

Get all the screwdrivers, pliers and wrenches you’ll ever need with Channellock’s high-quality tool sets. They feature custom heat-treated alloy steel blades and a corrosion resistant nickel chrome finish, as well as precision machined vapour blast tips. Take advantage of the ergonomic design of their high torque acetate handles, which will provide the greatest durability and solvent resistance.