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Charlie Bears Teddy Bears

Beautiful handmade collectable bears

The enchanted world of Charlie Bears began in 2005, when bear enthusiasts Charlotte and William Morris began handcrafting beautiful collectable bears. The first collection featured 12 bears, and now they have over 2500 different designs that can be found in 500 stores around the world.

A favourite among bear collectors for their great quality and gorgeous designs, Charlie Bears are popular among kids and adults alike. In the vast range, you won’t just find bears though, with Charlie Bears offering heaps of cute animals like bunnies, monkeys and even giraffes!

Can you ever have enough bears?

Most collectors of bears love the idea of getting more and more and more to add to their collection. Surely, with such beautiful collectable bears on offer, there’s no such thing as having too many. With Charlie Bears, you can choose from so many different wonderful bears, all lovingly designed and crafted to put a smile on your face.

Bears with hats, different colours, adorable clothing, and all sizes large and small can be found in the Charlie Bears collection. So, if your collection needs a new family member, see what’s on offer from Charlie Bears today!

Treasured memories and gifts

If there is someone special in your life who really loves bears or dolls, particularly finely crafted, handmade varieties, what better gift than a Charlie Bears bear? From cute little teddy bears to more decoratively dressed theme bears, you can find something beautiful for the bear lover in your family.

Unlike mass-marketed plush toys that often get discarded, Charlie Bears are something a little more special. They make beautiful, treasured gifts that grandparents and parents can pass on to their children, and even become family heirlooms. These amazing bears represent family connections, and a chance to brighten the day of someone who is truly special to you.