Cheer On With Quality Cheerleading Gear

Give me an E! Give me a B! Give me an A! Give me a Y! What does it spell? The best place online for cheerleading supplies - eBay!

Whether you’re after a cheerleading costume, you’re a cheerleader for work or you’re in training, if you need quality cheerleading gear, you’re in the right place. With eBay there are plenty of products available, from uniforms and costumes, to pom poms and protective gear.

Cheerleading back story

It was actually started back in the 1860s in the United Kingdom, moving to the United States shortly after – and it was actually founded by men.

As more and more people started attending college games, cheerleaders were brought in to get the crowd in the mood for the game. They would lead cheers with the members of the audience. In the early 1900s, cheerleading was actually an extracurricular activity at school for boys – with women finally being allowed to join the squads in the 1920s onwards. With the men off to WWII, women started cheerleading more and by the 1960s and 1970s, around 95% of cheerleaders were women.

Buying cheerleading gear online

Cheerleading is a mix of dancing and acrobatics – as well as shouting cheers or slogans to entertain fans at sporting events. Essentially, the role of a cheerleader is to encourage the audience to cheer louder. Their uniforms are often vibrant colours which help the cheerleaders stand out on the field.

If you’re shopping for cheerleading equipment online, keep in mind that uniforms can be expensive so choose carefully. Check the sizing on the descriptions and make sure you’re aware whether the gear you’re buying is brand new or second-hand.

There are also plenty of cheerleading accessories available on eBay to help take your cheers to the next level.