Got one to sell?

Got one to sell?

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Anyone who owns chickens knows that they love to scratch, peck, and explore with their nails and beaks. Things can get very messy for you if you just provide an ordinary eating bowl for your chickens - they will knock it over and make a mess just to get to the food. This is why you need a high-class designed chicken feeder. Not only will it be impossible for your feathered friends to knock it over and cause chaos, but it will be easy for your chooks to get to their food.

The best quality bird feeders are those that feed your chickens, won't expose the food to weather conditions that may destroy the supply, and reduces wastage from the inability to tip over. Of course, the amount of chicken feeders you need is determined by how many chooks you own.

There are many different chicken feeders that may appeal to you. As mother hen, you need to ask yourself, "Where should I put my feeder?" "What is the right material?" and "What size should I get?" All of these questions have an impact on which one you will buy.

The most popular style is a suspended chicken feeder, as they are tied to the roof of the coop and hang around the height of the chicken's neck. This makes it impossible for them to scratch and pull at the base or knock it over. Alternatively, you may opt for treadle feeders or a PVC tubular style. There is also the option of what materials you should buy: from aluminum trays to rubber, metal and stainless steel, they each have their benefits.

Affordable and built to last, shop online for high quality chicken feeders from eBay. You have the option to choose from brand new or second hand products, and unbranded chicken backyard food supplies for those on a budget. Place a bid or buy outright to get a great deal online.

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